Sand, Salt and Kitty Litter: Traction Heroes

We here at University Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram want to inform our Hamilton, NY residents about the proper usage of commonly-used materials to get your car unstuck if it is on the ice. You have several inexpensive and widely available options at your disposal.

Traditionally, the first item that comes to mind is sand. Sand can offer a tire traction when it is spread over the ice underneath the tire. This method can aid in getting the vehicle on its way. Sand typically does not melt snow though, unless it has a high salt content.

Speaking of salt, salt can aid in traction and can also melt snow, but it is not a good idea to use it near plants and flowerbeds because of the chance it will kill the plants when leeched into the soil. Kitty litter can add traction initially, but it absorbs water and can quickly become just as slick as the ice that it was intending to free your vehicle from. We recommend using kitty litter for the toughest traction situations, and consider using one – or a combination of these substances – to get the traction you need.